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        1. Boeing

          Boeing 747-8

          High-volume routes demand high-value returns.

          The First Class and Business Class sections of the 747-8 enable airlines to offer passengers the most private and premium accommodations in the sky. So it's no surprise that on high-volume routes the 747-8 offers premium revenue potential. And with more than 400 seats available, this new 747 creates a unique opportunity to maximize the bottom-line potential of any high-volume route. It's premium value, delivered, for operators and passengers. That's a better way to fly.

          Technical Specs

          747-8 Intercontinental
          Seats (3-class) 410
          Range nm (km) 7,730 nautical miles (14,310 km)
          Length 76.3 m (250 ft 2 in)
          Wingspan 68.4 m (224 ft 5 in)
          Height 19.4 m (63 ft 6 in)
          Engine GEnx-2B

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